Behind the scenes Behind the scenes Our crime scene for scene 3 128155310 The awesome camera setup belonging to Colemar, our Director of Photography! 128155311 Our makeshift makeup area! (the back of Production Assistant Briana's pickup truck) 128155312 Briana hard at work, getting Heather camera-ready for their first scene! 128155313 Briana loves doing sound...but hasn't quite figured out that waving at the camera doesn't work out well if I'm taking her picture... 128155314 Outside the apartment we're using for Tanya. 128543433 Getting a close-up on a post-it note. 128543434 This is what the inside of a serial killer's hotel room looks like. Well, only if he's a character in a short film. 128543435 Frank helping out with sound on our first day of shooting! 128543436 Briana getting me ready to play a dead body. 128543437 See all the trash and stuff on the ground there? That's where I had to lay still for over an hour. 128543438 More of Coelmar's awesome camera setup! 128543439 Makeup! 128543440 Camera (with makeup in the background)! 128543441 Taping off the crime scene. Psst...masking tape actually doesn't work all that well on concrete. Somebody please go back in time and tell me that...Then again, I probably wouldn't believe you. 128543442