Get Involved!

Posted by Katie Young on September 26, 2011 at 12:40 PM

Ever wanted to be involved in a film? You can be. Right now.

You see, people love supporting the independent film industry. Or, at least, saying they do. And with the bigger films, it's easy. Buy a ticket and you've shown your support.

But we're not charging for people to watch this film.

Yeah, supporting indie film by supporting Deadly Notes just got a lot harder. Or did it?

Actually, what just happened is it got free.

"Support indie film without paying a dime? Count me in!"

Thought so. Well, here's how:

- Share this wesbite with friends

- Show them the trailer

- Display the QR codes (previous post) on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

-You could even get creative: print one out and stick it on your car!

- Like the Facebook page.

- And the easiest way of all: just talk about it. Bring it up in conversations about new movies coming out next month. Let people know that Deadly Notes exists.

I don't expect anyone to do all of these (though, if you did, that would be cool). Just one will get the word out. And then you can say you supported an indie film, and that you were an integral part of our success.

Why help this film? Well, you're not just helping this film. Spreading the word helps everyone involved! We're not making any money, so we do it for the experience - and for our resumés. Spreading the word helps:

- Channon Ford (Tanya)

- Lance Broadway (Arthur)

- Mark Barreraz (Agent King)

- Colemar Nichols (Director of Photography)

- Marc Hall (Editor)

- Carl Clark (Composer)

- Katie Young (me!)

- And so many others.

Now look at that! When you post "Check out this short film -" on Twitter or Facebook, you help everyone I just listed. Doesn't that feel good? It does. doesn't it? And there - you just helped yourself. So spread the word!

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