About Deadly Notes

Tanya Miller lives in downtown Austin, Texas, where she ekes out a living as an artist, carving pieces out of wood and selling them in an artist's market. She hears about a serial killer who leaves post-it notes in his victims apartments before he stabs them. She thinks nothing of it - until she finds a note of her own. Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Daniel King is hot on the killer's trail. The question is: will he catch him in time?

The script for this independent short thriller was written by Katie Young, who at the time was in her senior year of high school. She'd recently been in an independent film, and, after being behind the scenes and getting a taste for the industry, she decided to produce and direct the film herself. Auditions were held in late May, and a cast and crew were assembled soon after. The film stars Channon Ford (Sodom: The Prophecy Armageddon, Fury, The Art Gallery), Lance Broadway (Shattered Reflections, Last Days of Oswald, One Vision), and Mark Barreraz (Chase, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Country Song). You can learn more about them on the Cast and Crew page. Our crew includes Director of Photography Colemar Nichols, editor Marc Hall, and composer Carl Clark.

We started filming in Austin, Texas on June 3rd, and, after many unexpected obstacles (such as rain in Texas), we wrapped on July 11th! The film is now available to watch on this website and on YouTube!